• Starmites Musical - Cast & Crew Shirts

    The Sumter High School Drama Booster Club wanted cast and crew shirts for their production

    of the musical Starmites. Coconut Horse was there!

  • Unified - Youth Group

    The youth group at the Seneca, South Carolina COGOP needed event shirts.

    Coconut Horse delivered!

  • Ambedexrus - Rock Band

    Local rock band Ambedexrus needed shirts.

    Coconut Horse came through!

Because it's not just a t-shirt

Coconut Horse! A unique, creative name. A uniquely creative company.

We love to print. It's fun, and we get to play in the ink. It gives us the chance to be creative, silly, and of course professional and serious when needed. It's our passion, and we use that passion and the love of music, humor, art and pop culture to develop creative, memorable prints for you, your event or your brand. Coconut Horse is the alternative to the typical screen printer and when it comes to your project, you can count on us to be your partner from concept to completion.

What We're Doing

        Shirts look GREAT!! Can't wait for the kids to see them. Thanks so much for bringing them by and ALWAYS doing a spectacular job!  

- Justin McAlpin, Ebenezer Baptist Church

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